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Biography & Work

Norman has been a resident of Providence, RI, USA since 2018 and like many aspiring artists, they chose to live in PVD to find community and explore the arts.


Norm experienced the uplifting power of community during his upbringing with the YMCA, during his studies with AHS, BCC, RIC, and Brown University, and along with a lifetime of volunteering with community programs to his travels around North America.


Since 2016, Norman has sought to connect with artist groups, civic groups, progressive political leaders, and community-supporting programs in Providence and beyond. This is the story he is building with you.

Update March 27, 2024

Norman's initiative for the Running for Providence is a remarkable example of community engagement and philanthropy, highlighting a deep commitment to supporting and nurturing the growth of Providence, Rhode Island, through a diverse set of local and global projects. His approach is multifaceted, focusing on enhancing public transportation, the arts, aspiring artists, writers, and entrepreneurs, as well as providing opportunities for the community to participate in the selection of beneficiaries.

The allocation of funds across ten different groups and projects demonstrates a well-considered strategy to address various aspects of community and personal development. The support for public transit and the arts underlines an awareness of the foundational elements that contribute to a vibrant community. Meanwhile, initiatives like the Awesome Foundation and LitArts RI emphasize the importance of fostering creativity and innovation at the grassroots level.

Norman's commitment to contributing to the community through Empower Us and Rising Designs shows an entrepreneurial spirit that is inclusive and aimed at uplifting others. The idea of allowing donors to nominate groups for the "Local Opt-In Group", "Global Opt-In Group", or "Toronto Opt-In Group" is an innovative way to engage the community directly in the decision-making process, potentially leading to a more inclusive and representative selection of beneficiaries.

Allocating a portion of the proceeds to himself is transparent and pragmatic. It acknowledges the reality that sustained community engagement and leadership require financial stability. By supporting his transition towards full-time community and creative work, donors are investing not just in the projects he outlines but in the potential for long-term, sustained impact on Providence and beyond.

Overall, Norman's plan is ambitious, and thoughtful, and reflects a genuine desire to make a significant positive impact. It is a commendable example of how individual initiative, supported by community backing, can address a wide range of social, cultural, and economic needs. The success of this endeavor could serve as an inspiring model for others looking to make a difference in their communities.

History and Contribution

In July and August of 2022, the video production group known as Ri4CTV deliberated for Norman to claim a business trade name and officiate his partnership with the team. They became heavily involved with content production - filming and editing ultra-quality audio and footage of the stories that Ri4CTV captured. 


It was during the 2022 summer that the City of Providence's Department of Parks and Ri4CTV collaborated, dubbing our team "curators" of the MVL Memorial Bridge - check it out on S. Main St or Dyer St it's beautiful. The program Ri4CTV presented was an opportunity for the public to tell their story on our YouTube channel, play/learn chess, and socialize. Many cool people were met and even gave way to a few new relationships.


The irons are in the fire and hot. His current projects Running for Providence, Roses for Providence, and Empower Us All are his works in progress. Norm couldn't settle on just one thing and is now cutting their teeth as a multi-disciplinary artist and community organizer in Providence. Norman's immediate aim is to be a support for artists', creatives', and entrepreneurs' professional autonomy. He looks forward to strengthening his ties with local, state, and global entities to unite in support of this mission.


Hailing from El Paso, TX (a 1993 baby), and reared in the backyards of Attleboro, MA (until 23 years young), Norman D Baker Gutierrez's work ranges from political/environmental activism to brand building and freelancing various digital aptitudes. In pursuit of becoming a business development representative, this web portfolio has been built to showcase some of the highlights of his choices in work and his life journey. 

Creations by Norman

The art of focus.webp

What matters to you most? You know, the things that make you feel like what you are doing gives your life meaning, belonging, and purpose? How do you focus on those things over everything else? And how do you spend your time, attention, and energy on it? This chapter takes a deep dive into a systematic approach to focusing on the important things in life.


The concept of upstreamist thinking might have its roots in healthcare, but its applications extend far beyond. It’s about looking at the origins of problems — be it in health, personal goals, or even relationships — and addressing them from the source.

Slow Indie Electronica
Dirt Hugs V5Norman
00:00 / 04:26

The layers of this song start with a piano sample copied into 3 seperate tracks to make a melody. A series of hi-hats, kickers, and composed notes were added along with 2 layers of vocals. The back layer being a soundbite of live cafe/bar chatter and the forepart vocals recorded in studio. The final version is a rough, but chill production.

build home anywhere.webp

Home is one of those ideas that is redefined and refined during our life’s journey, evolving from our initial concepts conceived in youth and transforming into something we can live by as adults and in our elderhood. Yet, no matter how much life changes, the idea of home will always carry a familiar scent. One that we wish to find and grow because home is a place of belonging and love.

poet performer.webp

I never would have thought to fall in love here, not in such an arbitrary place. Then again, there is that saying, “Love finds you when you are least expecting it,” a phrase striking like the sound of music when all you’ve experienced are soft murmurs. 

Celestial Electronica
W6 On My WayNorman
00:00 / 01:53

Knocking. Go get the door. Walk into the new world and let the beat keep you steady. The layers in this track are stacked with a reversed and tuned "stolen ;)" sample, a few kicks with the tune dropped an octive, and of course; the faded hi hats.

Website Builds
The Coffee Cup

Locally owned and operated, the Providence Place Mall presents to you The Coffee Cup. Visit us on Level 1, South Garage near Apple and Macy's.


International coffee beverages are brewed on site for everyone no matter where you come from or going to.

Screenshot 2024-01-15 8.16_edited.jpg

An innovative organization that aims to blend community engagement with creative expression.


OFFTHEGROUND stands as a draft version of a potential community-oriented organization, embodying a model of self-reliance and integrated creative production.

Screen Shot 2022-10-19 at 10.27_edited.jpg

Ri4CTV Studio in Providence, Rhode Island transcends traditional videography services by showcasing its expertise through an innovative website, evolving beyond their initial Instagram presence.


This transition marks a significant leap in how they engage with the public, providing a professional platform to refer people to their work.

Screenshot 2024-01-15 8.26_edited.jpg

PVD Flow is a non-profit organization based in Providence, Rhode Island, co-founded by Rubelcy Herrera, Wilyms Pérez Cortez, Mustafa Kadhum, and Izzy Goodman.


This organization aims to revolutionize the cultural landscape of Providence by providing a platform for local artists without financial constraints.


A community-focused organization promoting creative expression and collaboration, known for in-house production of promotional materials and diverse initiatives INVITES YOU to band together to make a better Providence!

Ri4CTV Studio BMX Action Sports

Athletes all over Providence are working hard to make a name for themselves and Ri4CTV Studio is there so help! 


Action sport edits give athletes a chance to platform themselves and document their journey, giving them a chance to develop within the action sports industry and maybe one day, go pro.

The 10 Foot Challenge Production

A massive 10-foot vert ramp and one brave BMX rider make this video a daring feat. Eric Santos is to be thanked for filming and emotional support. In this short, you will see a compilation of the many tries, fails, and successes when it comes to the behemoth 10-foot ramp.

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