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Artist Management and Promotion Agency

A Providence-based non-profit, empowers local artists, especially from underprivileged backgrounds, to showcase their art, fostering a vibrant, accessible creative community.

PVD Flow is a non-profit organization based in Providence, Rhode Island, co-founded by Rubelcy Herrera, Wilyms Pérez Cortez, Mustafa Kadhum, and Izzy Goodman. This organization aims to revolutionize the cultural landscape of Providence by providing a platform for local artists to showcase their work without financial constraints.

Focused on helping young artists, especially from financially challenged backgrounds, PVD Flow aspires to make art accessible and to promote creative expression. The initiative also seeks to highlight the hidden talent within Providence and support the city's recognition as a hub of creativity and innovation​. PVD Flow has initiated several projects to enhance the cultural scene in Providence. They have created a platform for local artists, especially young talent, to share their work and gain visibility. This initiative helps artists who might otherwise struggle with financial barriers to showcasing their art. By providing these opportunities, PVD Flow is actively working to elevate the creative community in Providence and foster an environment where art and creativity are accessible and valued​.

The success of PVD Flow is evident in their apparel development and event production. They have successfully hosted pop-up markets, gathering friends and neighbors alike. These events have enabled direct engagement with the public and aspiring creatives in Providence, showcasing their commitment to the local artistic community.

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